Making fertility treatments
easier and more effective for everyone.

Our innovative AI platform improves predictably, outcomes and the patient experience throughout the fertility journey. 

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Ovulation prediction accuracy

0 -8%

Pregnancy Rate
increase (FET)


AI Based
(and counting)

Our Partners

The Fertilane Platform

Fertilane, designed by leading REIs, combines patient and doctor applications along with smart AI algorithms for REIs, OBGYNs, and their patients.

The main purpose is assisting your clinic in increasing scale and success!

AI Based Algorithms

By using them, your clinic can increase success rates, reduce unnecessary tests, and automate processes.

Patient Application

We can operate with or without integration with your current EHR.

Doctor Platform – Web/App

Our doctor platform was designed by doctors for doctors so you can receive algorithm recommendations and communicate with your patients via web / app.

Our Mission

Helping our partners increase clinic scale
while improving success rates and patient satisfaction.

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