Advanced Technology

“AI will never replace doctors but doctors using AI will replace those who don’t”

Our technology utilizes AI to provide data-driven insights and enhance clinical decision making. The platform may reduce unnecessary testing and improve tracking capabilities for greater accuracy and timing of treatments. Our platform is designed to support clinicians in their day-to-day work.


Improve predictability

Reduce unnecessary tests

Reduce Medication Costs

Reduce Errors

Enable better clinic resource management

Frozen Embryo Transfer Algorithm

Manage the entire FET protocol, including initial test day, blood and ultrasound analysis, and final FET day recommendation. Our AI technology helps maximize clinical pregnancy results and reduce unnecessary tests.

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Natural IUI

Manage the entire natural IUI process, including blood and ultrasound analysis, test day instructions, and ovulation detection. Our AI technology detects ovulation on dates -2/-3 to help clinician choose the correct insemination date.

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Our ovulation prediction technology for intercourse was developed to assist patients who did not succeed with other platforms. The process includes blood measurements that can assist in more advanced treatments, if necessary.

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Trigger Day

Our trigger day selection technology recommends the best day to trigger, with emphasis on maximizing M2 oocytes.

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